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 - 99 Names

  1. Allaah (The One And Only True God)
  2. Al-Ilaah (The Deity)
  3. Ar-Rabb (The Lord)
  4. Al-Waahid (The One)
  5. Al-Ahad (The Singular)
  6. As-Samad (The Self-Sufficient)
  7. Al-Hakeem (The All-Wise)
  8. Al-Haleem (The Most Forebearing)
  9. Ar-Rahmaan (The Most Beneficent)
  10. Ar-Raheem (The Most Merciful)
  11. Al-Barr (The Generous)
  12. Al-Kareem (The Kind )
  13. Al-Jawwaad (The Bestower of Good )
  14. Ar-Ra`oof (The Kind )
  15. Al-Wahhaab (The Bestower)
  16. Al-Hameed (The One who is Praised)
  17. Al-Afuww (The Effacer of Sins)
  18. Al-Ghafoor (The Forgiving)
  19. Al-Ghaffaar (The All Forgiving)
  20. At-Tawwaab (The Oft-returning)
  21. Al-Quddoos (The Holy)
  22. As-Salaam (The Peace)
  23. Al-Alee (The High)
  24. al-A`laa (The Highest)
  25. Al-Muta’aal (The Exalted)
  26. Al-Mannaan (The Bestower)
  27. Al-Jabbaar (The Compeller)
  28. Al-Mutakabbir (The Supreme)
  29. Al-Khaaliq (The Creator)
  30. Al-Baari’ (The Originator)
  31. Al-Musawwir (The Shaper)
  32. Al-Mu’min (The giver of Security)
  33. Noorus-Samaawaati Wal-Ardh
    (Light of the Heavens and the Earth)
  34. Al-Muhaymin (The Ever Watching)
  35. Al-Qadeer (All Powerful,The Able)
  36. Al-Lateef (The Most Subtle,The Kind)
  37. Al-Haseeb (The Reckoner)
  38. Ar-Raqeeb (The Ever Watching)
  39. Al-Hafeedh (The Guardian)
  40. Al-Muheet (The Encompassing)
  41. Al-Qahhaar (The Subduer)
  42. Al-Qaahir (The Irresistible)
  43. Al-Muqeet (The Powerful)
  44. Al-Wakeel
    (The Disposer of Affairs, The One Who is Relied Upon)
  45. Al-Wudood (The Loving)
  46. Al-Fattaah (The Judge, The Opener)
  47. Al-Malik (The King )
    Al-Maalik (The Master & Owner )
    Alladhee Lahu Al-Mulk
    (The One to Whom Belongs the Dominion)
  48. Ar-Razzaaq (The Provider)
  49. Al-Hakam (The Judge)
  50. Al-Adl (The Just)
  51. Jaami`un Naas (The Gatherer of Mankind)
  52. Al-Hayy (The Living)
  53. Al-Qayyum (The Sustainer)
  54. An-Nur (The Light)
  55. Al-Qaabid (The Taker)
  56. Al-Baasit (The Extender)
  57. Ash-Shaheed (The Witness)
  58. Al-Mubdi` (The Starter)
  59. Al-Mu’eed (The Recaller,The One Who Repeats Creation)
  60. Al-Fa`aalul Limaa Yureed
    (The One Who Does What He Wills)
  61. Al-Ghanee (The Self Sufficient, The Rich)
  62. Al-Mughnee (The Sufficient)
  63. Al-Mubeen (The Clear)
  64. Ash-Shaakir (The Recognizer & Rewarder of Good)
  65. Ash-Shakoor (The Appreciative)
  66. Al-Qareeb (The Close)
  67. Al-Mujeeb (The Answerer)
  68. Al-Kaafee (The Sufficient)
  69. Al-Awwal (The First)
  70. Al-Aakhir (The Last)
  71. Adh-Dhaahir (The Manifest)
  72. Al-Baatin (The Inward)
  73. Al-Waasi'` (The Vast)
  74. Al-Haadee (The Director)
  75. Ar-Rasheed (The Guide)
  76. Al-Haqq (The Truth)
  77. Al-Atheem (The Most Magnificent)
  78. Al-Majeed (The Most Glorious)
  79. Al-Kabeer (The Most Great)
  80. As-Samee’ (The All Hearing)
  81. Al-Baseer (The All Seeing)
  82. Al-‘Aleem (The All Knowing)
  83. Al-Khabeer (The All Aware)
  84. Al-Azeez (The Mighty)
  85. Al-Muqtadir (The Omnipotent)
  86. Al-Qawiyy (The Most Powerful)
  87. Al-Mateen (The Most Strong)
  88. Al-‘Afuw (The Oft-Pardoning)
    Al-Ghafoor (The Oft-Forgiving)
    Al-Ghaffaar (The Most Forgiving)
  89. Badee’us Samaa Wati Wal-Ard
    ("The Originating Creator" of the Heavens & The Earth)
  90. Al-Kaafi (The Sufficient)
  91. Al-Waasi’ (The Vast, Extending, Abounding, Far Reaching, All Sufficient)
  92. Al-Jameel (The Beautiful)
  93. Ar-Rafeeq (The Gentle)
  94. Al-Hayee (The Shy)
  95. As-Sitteer (The Coverer)
  96. Al-Qaabid (The Constrictor)
  97. Al-Baasit (The Munificent)
  98. Al-M’utee (The Giver)
  99. Al-Maani` (The Preventer)
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